Practical Tips: Travel

One of the hardest things about suffering a miscarriage is that, at some point, you have to go back to normal. This can be easier for some than others and might mean going back into the office or merely hanging out with friends/returning to day-to-day engagements.

Either way, it can be tricky in the practical sense, depending what stage you’re at. I had to travel a bit and stay away from home during mine, and there are a few tips that were shared with me which made it a lot easier to deal with. Please feel free to get in touch and add your own via the Contact form.

  • Always make sure you have spare pads in your bag, in a variety of thicknesses. Even when you think the worst is over, the bleeding can start again unexpectedly.
  • Spare underwear and clothes are also useful for the same reason – plus you’ll feel much more confident if you know you’re prepared for an emergency quick change.
  • If you’re still bleeding when you have to travel, try a pair of incontinence pads (if you’ve got access to nappies instead you can cut them down the sides and wear them inside a pair of big pants – surprisingly effective) – especially if you’re unsure whether you’re going to have easy access to a toilet.
  • You can also try wearing a pair of thin leggings under trousers to make you feel more ‘held in’ and have an extra barrier layer. If it’s warmer weather and too hot for leggings, try cutting off an old pair to create a pair of fitted shorts and wearing them under your outfit. Cycling shorts or other tight-fitting workout shorts would also work well, but only wear a pair you’re happy to throw away if you need to.
  • Keep your medical notes and emergency numbers (ie the direct line of your EPU if you’ve been seen by them) incase you have any questions/concerns or need to go into A&E unexpectedly.
  • Keep snacks at hand, as well as a bottle of water, just incase you feel a bit faint or light-headed.
  • If you’ve been losing a lot of blood, it could be worth taking iron supplements – check with your doctor or NHS direct if you have any concerns about this.
  • Take a pack of wet-wipes in your bag just incase.
  • Keep a pack of painkillers with you, even if the pain seems to have passed. Cramps and back ache have a nasty habit of cropping back up again.